Frank at Yamaha Console

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Send Me Your Tracks

  1. First, make sure your tracks are organized and the takes you want to use are selected.
  2. Use the comments section for any special instructions. If there’s an effect that’s special to the sound, print it on the next track.
  3. We will use an online service for delivery like Dropbox, HighTail or WeTransfer. If you prefer, you can even send me a hard drive. I will return it.
  4. Include rough mixes and references to other records of which you like the sound of.
  5. Please make sure everything is labeled correctly.


  1. I’ll listen to the tracks and make sure everything is technically in order and ready to mix.
  2. I’ll work on mixing your song and send it to your for any comments or changes.
  3. Listen to the mix on familiar speakers and headphones, and of course, the very important car test.
  4. E-mail me your changes and I’ll make them until you are 100% satisfied.
  5. Once the mix is completed, I will print a 24 bit WAV file for mastering, a 41.1 16bit wav to burn to a CD and a MP3 in the format that iTunes uses.